Everything You Need to Know About Articles of Incorporation in Ontario

Are you looking to incorporate a business in Ontario? The first step is to understand the Articles of Incorporation. These are the legal documents that create a limited liability company within Ontario under the Business Companies Act. They are available as part of the public record, meaning anyone can obtain them. Information and documents filed with Corporations Canada are not removed from corporate records, even when new information or documents are submitted.

This includes documents that were previously filed, filed from previous years, or filed in error. Corporate laws require public disclosure of this information. Members of the public can request copies of documents filed with Corporations Canada. The constitution of a public limited company has a set of very specific requirements, among which are the Articles of Association. Be sure to complete the items completely and accurately, follow your state's filing instructions, and include the appropriate charge.

It is important that it be made public because this disclosure allows people to know who is responsible for the corporation. Corporations Canada is the branch of Industry Canada that administers the Canadian Business Companies Act (CBCA) and the office where all filings, such as articles of incorporation, are made. Articles of Incorporation form a document that establishes a corporation as a separate business entity. For example, in Ontario, you file a Form 3 Amendment Articles Company Act with Service Ontario. The federal constitution allows your company to operate anywhere in Canada and can give you more recognition if you intend to do business internationally. The articles become a public record and provide important information about the corporation, including its name, contact information, and information about its actions.

Administrative information, such as contact information for filing and official email address, is not displayed in the public record. Articles of Incorporation in Canada are a legal document required for the incorporation process and are filed with a provincial or territorial government or the federal government. If you are forming a nonprofit corporation, there may be a special nonprofit incorporation form. If you are setting up a business or non-profit organization and are proposing a name that you have chosen yourself, obtain a Biased Ontario Nuans Report to confirm that no existing Ontario corporation has the same or similar name to the one you are proposing. Incorporating your business in Ontario requires understanding all aspects of Articles of Incorporation. This document is an important part of setting up your business as it provides important information about your company and makes it part of the public record.

It is important to make sure all items on the form are completed accurately and completely and that all filing instructions are followed correctly. Additionally, obtaining a Biased Ontario Nuans Report is necessary if you have chosen your own name for your business or non-profit organization.

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