Who Buys What? Understanding the Different Types of Buyers

When it comes to buying, there are many different types of buyers. Depending on the context, the speaker may emphasize either a singular entity or a group of experts. In any case, the most common term for a person who purchases something is “buyer”. A shopper is someone who buys items for personal use.

This term is often used in conjunction with words such as “online” to indicate how the person is making their purchase, or with words such as “vacation” or “back to school” to indicate why they are shopping. On the other hand, window shopping refers to visiting a store or mall to admire products without actually buying them. When you buy something, you obtain it by paying money for it. The past participle of purchase is “bought” and the -ed form is “purchased”.

The United States Postal Service purchases a wide variety of products and services that are grouped into five distinct categories in order to ensure timely and efficient operations. If you want to learn more about what we buy and who buys what, be sure to check out the Resources for Buyers page.

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