How to Incorporate a Business in Ontario

Incorporating a business in Ontario requires a few steps to be taken. The process is still manual and documents must be requested in person at the provincial office located at 393 University Avenue, second floor in Toronto. When the items are filed with the Central Production and Verification Services Branch, they are endorsed with a certificate and take effect on the date set forth in the certificate. Professionals should contact their governing body to learn about the conditions of incorporation specific to their profession. Unless the corporation has a number name, an Ontario biased NUANS name search report must be obtained from a private name search company and must be submitted along with the Articles of Incorporation.

Before the name can be duplicated in Subsection 6 (), the Central Production and Verification Services Branch requires that items submitted be accompanied by a legal opinion. Electronic filing of the Articles of Incorporation, Form 1 of the OBCA, is available through Service Providers under contract with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The Articles of Incorporation, Form 1 under the Ontario Business Companies Act (OBCA) must be completed and filed to form a commercial corporation in Ontario. It is the responsibility of the incorporators to ensure that the name of an Ontario commercial corporation complies with the Business Companies Act and its Rules of Procedure. An effective date of up to 30 days after the earliest date on which articles can be endorsed may be requested in writing in a bold or underlined cover letter, following submission of the items to the Branch. Articles of Incorporation may establish a fixed number of directors or a minimum and maximum number of directors (floating board), but each director must be at least 18 years of age (S.

For example, articles filed on November 28 could be accompanied by a NUANS name search report dated as early as like August 30, but not dated before. If you submit your Items in person and need a future effective date, you must verbally submit this request to the attention of the counter secretary who supports your Items. Items cannot be endorsed until all requirements of the Business Companies Act have been met under the Entitlement Endorsement Policy.It is important that regulated professionals who wish to incorporate their practices consult with their governing body about the conditions of incorporation specific to their profession and the timing of implementation. Following these steps will ensure that your business is properly incorporated in Ontario.

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